Compensation Q & A

Q. I know that there are 5 Levels, so what are my choices to join at?

No Skipping Levels. You may Join as many levels as you like but you have to join in sequential order. For example, you can join levels 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 ….but you can not join levels 1, 2 and 4 thereby skipping level 3.

These are your 5 Joining options:

( level 1 only) L250 = $250

(level 1 & 2) L250 & L500 = $750

(levels 1, 2 & 3) L250 & L500 & L1000 = $1750

( levels 1,2,3 & 4) L250 & L500 & L1000 & L2000 = $3750

( levels 1,2,3,4 & 5) L250 & L500 & L1000 & L2000 & L3750 = $7500

Q. What do you mean when you say the IWIN123 pay plan is a Delayed 1-up?

A. Instead of giving up your first person, you give up your 2nd person, so the 1-up
is hence ” delayed” so in this way you are receiving monies on the very first person
you invite into your business. You don’t have to wait until your 2nd person is
sponsored into the business as you would in other programs.

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Q. How is the money disbursed when a new member joins?

A. The answer to this is much like the previous Q & A. Anytime someone sponsors
a new member 2 things will occur. First he will receive immediate payment directly to himself of 90% of the payment the new member is making and secondly, 10% of the money that is being paid by the new member will go up one more level to the person that sponsored the person that is bringing in this new member and thereby in essence creating an on-going residual income for everyone that taps into this remarkable pay system.

Q. I can’t seem to find an explanation of the two terms, confirmed and qualified. Can you explain?

A. When your payment is received, you are then “Confirmed” by the person who receives
the payment. Because this is a Delayed 1-up System the second person you sell is
considered your qualifying sale and once this is accomplished you are then considered
“Qualified”. You must ALWAYS “Qualify” in the first 4 levels. Remember, you are already pre qualified in the 5th level, so in the 5th level you do not give up a Qualifier in this level, but still must give up the qualifiers in the first 4 levels.

Q. What am I qualified for?

A. Being “Qualified” means that you have made your payment and you have successfully made a second sale which is your “qualifying sale” and given the License Fee up to your sponsor … hence the 1-UP. Being qualified means that you can now receive payments on the levels that you are qualified.

Q. Do I have to join at all 5-Levels?

A. Absolutely not! This program is designed so that anyone, regardless of their current
financial situation can participate and go on to incredible wealth. The 1st Level of $250
is designed specifically for that reason. A person that starts at that level can very
quickly build and grow into the higher levels and in a short time be equal with any of
the top achievers in the program.

Q. If I can join at all 5-levels will I be able to make more money?

A. The answer is�of course YES! You will absolutely have more income opportunities
at all 5-Levels and your earnings will surpass your imagination. However, this
does not diminish the comments made in the previous Q & A regarding people that
may not be able to initially join at all 5-Levels.

Q. Is there any advantage in joining at say Levels 1 & 2 (Bronze & Silver) versus
just the first Level?

A. Yes, your income potential is directly related to your qualified level. You will
have greater income opportunities qualified at the Bronze and Silver Levels than
at only the Bronze Level.

Q. Can you provide an example of the Delayed 1-up and demonstrate how it works?

A. Yes. Although the following is somewhat lengthy it will walk you through the
process. Consider:

This example starts with Allen who is already 100% qualified at all 5-levels
and in the example the sale that Allen makes is his third sale�in other words
there are not any qualifying issues involved from Allen�s position. Allen’s up-line
direct sponsor is George who is also qualified at all levels.

Allen sponsors Bob who also wants to come in at all 5-levels. Bob sends 90% or
$6750 to Allen to pay his license fee and he sends 10% residual to George who is
Allen’s up-line sponsor the amount of $750. This takes care of Bob’s initial
purchase and entry into the program.

Now the new member Bob makes his first sale of the program to Mary and she also
comes in at all 5-levels. Since Mary is Bob’s first sale and this is a delayed
1-up, Bob gets to keep 90%, or $6750 of the license fee but 10% residual goes to
Allen who remember was Bob’s direct sponsor. At this point and on Bob’s very first
sale he has recovered 90% of his initial investment and this normally happens
within 24-48 hours.

Next we will continue with looking at Bob’s activity. Bob now sells to Sue and she
also comes in at all 4-levels. Since Sue is Bob’s second sale she is designated by
the program as Bob’s qualifier. This means that Bob has to give Sue’s license fee
payment up to his direct sponsor who is Allen. Because qualifiers payments are given
up Sue sends her license fee of 90% to Allen…not Bob…and the 10% of 6750 also
goes to Allen because he was Bob’s sponsor and he always gets Bob’s 10% residuals.
In cases where he receives 90% from a qualifier it would therefore mean in reality
that he receives the whole 100%. This only works this way with qualifiers. This only
applies to those qualifiers from your direct sales

Lets summarize what Bob’s situation is at this point.
1- he’s paid his entry into the program (sent to Allen)
2- he’s made back 90% of his entry (when he sold to Mary)
3- he’s 100% qualified (when he gave up the money from Sue)
4- he gets to keep Sue on his Directly Sponsored Down-line
and will receive 10% residuals on her future sale

What happens next for Bob? Well, its happy sailing because he is now 100% qualified.
Every time he sponsors a new person he will get 90% of their entry fee, 10% of
their sales to infinity and on a new person’s 2nd sale he gets their 1-up and receives
90% of their entry fee plus the 10% residual for a total of 100% on all directly
sponsored qualifiers.

Q. In the previous example everyone joined at all 5-Levels. How
will this work if people are coming in at different Levels?

A. It is really simple if you remember that you must pay and be qualified at a level
to receive that Level.

Q. If I am qualified at only the Bronze 1st level and I sponsor someone that wants
to join at the first 3-Levels for a total of $1750 (Bronze $250 + Silver $500
+ Gold $1,000 = $1,750 Total) what happens to the money?

A. Since you are only qualified at the Bronze Level you would receive $250, but
the rest of the money would roll up to the next sponsor in your up-line that is qualified
at all 3 of these Levels. Can you see how important it is to get qualified at all 4 levels
as soon as possible? ALSO, you should be aware that the person who receives the roll up will actually receive 90% of the roll up amount and the remaining 10% will go to the roll up‘s inviter.

Q. When a new member successfully sponsors his second person, say at the $250 level,
as a qualifier, can the new member immediately build his own future income stream
and start receiving payments?

A. Yes. When a new member is qualified at the $250 level, he may then immediately
build his own future sponsoring lines and start to receive payments for the $250
level (in this example). In fact, although he gave up the money from this second
sale to his sponsor as his qualifier, he gets to keep this person on his sponsoring
down-line and in the future will receive residual 10% payments from this person.

Q. Then, what does it mean, “you must qualify in all 4 levels”? I thought bringing in
your second person who goes to your sponsor is your qualifying commitment, is
that true?

A. “You must qualify in the first 4 levels,� means exactly that. Each member must qualify on
each level, $250, $500, $1000 and $2000. Keep in mind that the 5th level L3750 has a automatic qualifier built into it. To qualify you must give 1-UP to your sponsor
at each of the levels. This Qualifier may be the same person for all 4-levels, it may
be 2 different people or it could be 3 different people or 4 different people, though
it is usually the same person for all 4 levels. It is important to remember that in
order to have a person you sponsor “recognized” as a “qualifier” at the time they join,
YOU yourself “have to” already be confirmed at those levels yourself.

Q. To fully enjoy all the system has to offer you have to accomplish two things at
each level.

A. First, give your sponsor the payment amount for each level and secondly,
give up the payment from your second person at that level.

Q. Can I upgrade along the way?

A. Yes, you can upgrade at anytime! It has been demonstrated how important it can
be to get Confirmed and Qualified at each level as fast as possible so all of those
people you sponsor will come directly to you – avoiding roll-up.

Q. What if your first qualifier was at the $250 level? Your next qualifier was at
the $500 level and you are not yet qualified at the $1,000 and $2,000 Levels. Then shortly thereafter, your qualifier at $250 Level upgrades to all 4 Levels. How does the money and qualification work out?

A. Great question! Assuming you came in at all 4 levels and already qualified at the $250 and $500 Levels, you will receive those levels. The $1,000 and $2,000 Levels will go to your sponsor as your qualifier for both of those levels. Now you will be qualified to receive at all 4 Levels.